Peshawar: Qaisar Abbas gunned down by terrorists of Banned Sipah e Sahaba

September 11, 2015
12Sep15_SN قیصر عباس

Terrorists of banned Sipah e Sahaba, also known as banned Ahl e Sunnat wal Jama’at, killed an active Shia person Qaisar Abbas by firing near Mirza Qasim Imam Bargah in Peshawar, the capital city of KPK.

According to eye witnesses, the terrorists fired upon Qaisar Abbas and ran away shouting slogans of ‘Shia Kafir’. It should be clear that Federal Interior Minister Chauhadry Nisar had said that people who raise slogans of ‘Kafir Kafir’ will not be tolerated in the country after which today’s incident is considered as a challenge of terrorists to the federal Interior Minister. Now it is to be seen that how Chauhadry Nisar will deal with these terrorists, will he answer them and take any practical action or will remain silent, as always.


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